Being a cam girl part 1 – Where to start

There are lot of people in the striptease business, escort business and just unemployed / low salary jobs, that are looking for a more profitable job that would allow them to avoid direct communication with their clients. Therefore a lot of girls would love to do cams or their own sites (even if they would do it in addition to their current job). The main question they got is: what I need for that and how do I start?

Well, nowadays there are three main options for a cam-girl:

  • Solo cam girl, doing everything yourself
  • Got a manager (meaning your main duty is to perform, manager will tell you what to do (if any) and will take care of the promotion etc)
  • Studio girl (meaning you will go to the studio as you would go to the office daily and will work your hours).

Of course, options 2 and 3 means that you will give up some % of your income, in exchange for the service and management you will get. But let’s start with the basic:


I have absolutely 0 experience and have no clue what I need to do:

  1. You need a PC with a quality web cam. Not the cam, that you can buy for $20 in the nearby store, but a decent or high quality cam that are going $80-$2000 (no one wants to look at the pixelated low quality image of the girl that does not have a clue of what she is doing, so at very least you want to display yourself in a decent quality picture)
  2. You need to determine your level of languages, this will affect your general performance. If you only know your native language and nothing else – perhaps it is worth it to start with your country basic cam site (meaning that it is oriented mainly on your country audience, and the only thing they will expect is native language).
  3. If you are decent or fluent in English – you should still consider regional sites, but mainly focus on international ones (as they got a lot more members that are capable to tip/private you)
  4. Prepare a place for yourself to cam: Perhaps a clearly visible corner with a good lightning. You can easily decorate that corner to look absolutely different from your apartment.
  5. Set up required software (plenty of girls just doing 1 site at a time – while loosing income daily. But the proper way would be to do multiple sites simultaneously in order to maximize your profit). We will describe this part in more details in our future articles.
  6. Define your cam-style (aka what you will be providing to your members and how you will interact with them). It can be anything from funny things for your audience to openly hardcore stuff (we will be describing some of possibilities in our further articles)
  7. Start performing and gathering your audience (you can’t expect it to boom. You need to settle your name and you need some people to keep coming back for you).


Those are the basic goals. Of course each of them got a lot of details into it. And we will be doing frequent articles describing each of the goals and some of the possibilities, that you can explore during it. The main thing is – you need to find the most comfortable way for yourself, so you  can get all of the desired appreciation as well as desired profits for yourself. Keep in mind – it’s not all based on the hardcore dildoing all the way (at all). It goes from the very softcore flirt and all the way to triple penetrating yourself, having hundreds of niches on the way. So don’t think camming is just fingering yourself on the cam – guys are not there just for that. You can be a good friend, while still making money. So keep up with our articles to explore new ways and possibilities.