Changes coming on ModelsFan

Hey guys.

It’s been a year since we started to provide you with a most beautiful, creative, sexy and definitely exclusive models.

You could see various changes during that year, and I wanted to update you on what’s going to happen next.


  1. Blog – we are starting our own blog, with recent news in the industry and (most exciting part – model interviews)
  2. We have purchased (and will be purchasing more) some hot full length vids and soon enough videos are will be only available for logged in members. So hurry up to register (it’s free)
  3. More models… of course! And from a various popular networks. Pronstarplatinum, Glamour, and more
  4. And as usual, we are planning more interesting contests with cool prizes such as free memberships and amazon gifts

Stay in the loop with ModelsFan, and thank you for your loyalty.


Mr.Sexy – ModelsFan CEO