Kylie Cupcake Morgan exclusive interview for ModelsFan

Hey guys. So today I will make you happy by publishing exclusive interview with our favorite star and official face of our brand – Kylie Cupcake Morgan


ModelsFan: Hey Kylie. Thank you for being with us today. We know you’ve been extremely occupied lately, what projects are you currently working on?
Kylie: Thanks for having me!! Yes I’ve been a busy bee lately! I started hosting for Girls Gone Wild, we did a pay-per-view party which was amazing! Hosting for Money Talks is as hilarious as ever! I had some new shoots come out on Then camming and keeping my site updated!!
ModelsFan: A lot of our members wondering how long have you been in the business as a model?
Kylie: Let’s see I’ve been camming for over 3 years now, almost 4 years! I started hosting and posed for Playboyplus for the first time all last year.
ModelsFan: How did you meet Clinton/Stacey and became a part of PlayboyLive program?
Kylie: I got into this business when I sent in pictures to Playboy, and they offered me a job camming! I actually started talking to Stacey through email when she was planning the very first camming con, we met there! The rest is history :)
ModelsFan: We’ve seen you a lot on have you ever consider or/and used another cam platforms?
Kylie: Currently I only cam on, and my website. It would be really fun to explore other sites someday!
ModelsFan:  We tried to resist this question, but got too much emails about this. Were you ever on the crossroad between softcore and hardcore niches? What or whom did affect your choice?
Kylie: Lol I don’t mind!! I did consider doing hardcore at one time, but I have so much fun hosting these crazy things im happy with my decision!
ModelsFan: You are in fantastic shape, how often are you visiting gym? Or is it a present from the mother nature?
Kylie: Thanks!! I actually don’t even have a gym membership right now. I workout at home a few times a week, nothing crazy just little 20minute workouts. I think I just have a high metabolism, I eat so much junk!!
ModelsFan: How did you become hostess for MoneyTalks show?
Kylie: After Camming Con I got to host an episode of Money Talks, and then I just kept doing it lol!! I’m so grateful for the opportunity, its the most amazing show ever!!
ModelsFan: In your career, what is your inspiration? What makes you to constantly move forward?
Kylie: Stacey Havoc is a huge inspiration to me! She never stops, she’s a force of nature!! I also couldn’t get through a day of camming without the support and motivation from all my naked cam girls!!
ModelsFan: What are your plans in future? How will you use your current success and popularity in your further career?
Kylie: It amazes me every day how life turns out!! Who knows where I’ll be in the future! If you had told me 5 years ago this is what my life would be like, I wouldn’t have believed you!! Thank you!! :)



This interview was an absolute pleasure. Thanks Kylie for taking time to do this, and we will be watching your carrier as always!