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I've had many-a-personal site over the years, but this one is my latest and greatest one so far!

Get all of my good stuff in one spot: ALL of my older photo galleries and videos plus all of the new ones I've been working on. Guess what else: *members only* webcam shows that I can run right from this site! So why not come inside, and have some crazy fun with me?

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In all honesty, I really am a pretty average geek-girl-next-door type, and plan on staying that way even if I do get a bit eccentric sometimes. I've preferred to remain one of those "do it yourself" amateurs and have never worked with any mainstream porno companies to shoot "real porn". I'm too much of a shy control freak to have gone that route, I think. Most of the photos and videos you'll find on this site were shot all by my lonesome: digital camera on a tripod, self-timer all the way! The rest were shot by very close friends without whose support I might not have stayed online.

Years ago, back in good ole 1999, I started my very first website to share my "used panties" and other pieces of lingerie. I'd had such fun running auctions at eBay for a little extra cash back when I was a starving college student. Sure, my first website was a real small place hosted at Yahoo Geocities, but it gave me something I never realized I needed: a means of exhibitionist expression & a way of connecting with likeminded pervs. So let us connect! I know there's a lot of porn out there. I'd like to be more than just porn. I'd like to be your friend who takes her clothes off sometimes and can make you smile always.

  • Birthday: 1975-10-22

  • Hometown: Southern California, Boonies Outside of Los Angeles

  • Heritage: Heinz 57

  • Languages: English ONLY bb

  • Orientation: Bisexual

  • Measurements: Little More Curvy These Days...

  • Weight: 127

  • Height: 5ft 1in

  • Hair: Auburn

  • Eyes: Hazel Gray

  • Tattoo: Blank Canvas

  • Piercing: Ears Only

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