Angie Jewels

Angie Jewels

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I am a natural born entertainer, musician, artist and idealist, and tend to look for the positive in the most negative places, because i want to savour every experience as it is, illusions do not comfort me, i love whats real, the good and the bad, the joy and the hurt, TRUE LOVE AND TRUE PAIN.....


Love to meet like-minded people, but believe we can all learn something from one another, and besides all that, i have a super cute ass and love showing off what my Ukrainian mama gave me! So prepare to be amazed, enticed and entertained....WARNING; I can be addictive...

Angie Jewels in pink lingerie

Sexy exotic and mysterious girl you have to really explore to get to know. Believe it or not, i have a Ukrainian mother and a South African dad, and although they did get a divorce while i was still quite young, i remember travelling a lot throughout my childhood.

Having been raised by so many different people with different cultures, and being put into one school only to realize a month later that we are moving again. I cannot actually thank my mother enough for putting me through all this, because i have had the privilege to have seen the world through so many different perspectives and have developed a much higher understanding. My interests mostly levitate toward Art and expression in all its forms, music, dance, decor, poetry and the art of performance are some of the things that make me feel alive like nothing else. Otherwise i love life, i love sex, exploring new things and meeting new people to help me grow.....
  • Birthday: 0000-00-00

  • Hometown: Johannesburg

  • Heritage: Ukrainian

  • Languages: English, Russian

  • Orientation: Straight/Bi-curious

  • Measurements: Petite, slim, sexy

  • Weight: 48kg

  • Height: 1,65cm

  • Hair: Brunette, Long

  • Eyes: Brown, seductive

  • Tattoo: Yes, 3

  • Piercing: Yes, a few

Angie Jewels seductive
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