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Hey sexy,

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Good Morning Hun <3

Just wanted to wish you a great day and a sexy fun night x

Live Cam show will be Saturday at 8pm, as always let me know if another time works better for you :)

Also expect more vids and pics to be released Friday!

One more thing I want to share a bit more with you ;) If you have any questions, naughty or innocent, let me know here on the post or in a message and Ill answer them live and post the vid this Thursday afternoon.

Have a great day and talk to you soon <3

Miss Nova

  • Birthday: 1991-03-11

  • Heritage: French Canadian

  • Languages: English, French, Ancient Greek, Latin

  • Orientation: Bi Curious

  • Measurements: 36E

  • Weight: 160 lbs and not shy about my curves ;)

  • Height: 5'3"

  • Hair: Naturally medium brown but always dying it black, purple, red.

  • Eyes: Light Blue

  • Tattoo: I have two tattoos so far. One is the clan symbol of Kain from the Legacy of Kain video game series on my right forearm.The other is the Legend of Dragoon Logo on my left ;D want more!

  • Piercing: My ears and my tongue

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