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Hello and welcome!
I want to introduce myself and tell you about me. I am El Luno, you can call me just El or Luno. It is not Italian, just game of words in my native language. I have a lot of interests: I love to travel, read books and work with my body in gym. I work as a cam girl for 2 years. Before I tried a lot of sites for work, but mostly they are not in my style... That's why I choose to create my own site, where I can control all on myself. My main interest- it is a BDSM and Fetish. I am into BDSM more then 3 years, as a submissive girl. But sometimes when I have a mood, I like to switch. I like to give some pain and pleasure for girls, I like to make a girl scream and moan.
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As you have noticed- I am very open minded person. I think if you like something- you must do that, never mind what will say about it other people. My interests in BDSM are very different: rope bondage (shibari), slave training, whipping, sensual deprivation, bastinado, orgasm control and much more. Every day, in every session I am opening something new about my body and mind. But I have things which I don't like. For example I am not into AB/DL. I am not a snob, it is just not my thing=) The best way to know me- chat with me when I am online. Feel free to ask me any questions, be sure, I feel myself very comfortable to discuss a lot of things.
  • Birthday: 1991-07-23

  • Languages: English

  • Orientation: Bisexual

  • Measurements: Skinny

  • Hair: Brunette

  • Tattoo: My body is clear

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