It all starts with the right tune. The music makes my body move sensually. I light a few candles and fill my bathtub with hot water. I pour some bath oil and orange scented bain mousse and let my clothes fall slowly on the floor. Then I enter the bathtub, humming the tune. As I lay there, my thoughts fly away to other memorable parties - I know they are all anxious to see me again…

There’s a huge spectacular red roses bouquet on my night table, with an elegant black ribbon (my favourite combination of colours), which came with the invitation. Tonight’s gonna be legendary, too. I am also excited about going, there’s nowhere I feel better than under the spotlight, glamouring the audience.

Pearls in my ears and dark red lipstick on my full lips follow, so my mouth looks like a rose and when I open it to speak or smile, its color highlights the whiteness of my teeth. My hair is dramatically coiffed - I love it when my locks look impeccably, spreading scintillating flames in the room. I take another sip from my champagne glass and dance. I am an enchanted burlesque heroine and I know it. The show may begin!

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It started when I was little - I was been a bit precocious back then, just like the young and pretty Lolita. Unlike other girls who changed frequently their favorite games, I never wanted to play doctor or teacher or the grocery seller. I was always playing with my mother’s make-up and trying on her bras and feeling best when I had little boys my age checking on me furtively when I was passing by the football field. I was putting on shows back then too, even if only for my family at dinner parties, and they all praised my velvety voice that sounded like Nancy Sinatra.

But I’m a grown woman now, yes I am… With that thought, I exit the bathtub smiling, I dry myself in front of the steamed mirror, that reveals the outline of my body through the dim candle light.

  • Birthday: 1982-10-24

  • Languages: English

  • Orientation: Curious

  • Measurements: Slim

  • Weight: 50 kilos

  • Height: 173 cm

  • Hair: Brown

  • Eyes: Dark

  • Tattoo: Yes

  • Piercing: Find out

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