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A little about me: I was born and raised in Hunting Beach, Cali. A California surfer for sure. Most of my everyday activities and hobbies are to be held in the water. My heart pounds so very hard that I can actually hear the adrenaline pumping through my body while I'm anticipating racing very fast race boats, fast jet skis, jumping out of airplanes, yes my dear, sky diving! I love running on the coast at sun up/sun down. Laying on the shore relaxing while listening to the beautiful waves and birds chirp away. That is all great in Sunny California. Though I am constantly traveling the states of the U.S.   You may find that I am in the same city as you. I will admit that I cannot help myself but visit with my true fans who have a great interest in me. There is a separate site for personal bookings. I visit the most upscale gentleman in a very luxurious atmosphere while modeling my naughty outfits for you personally. I'm 5'5, 120, long flowing blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, a very athletic figure. As for my figure, well let’s just say that your standard of physical splendor will never be the same. With certain assets that you may notice immediately, my coordinates are 33Hx23x33. I am quite active with a daily exercise regime that includes Bikram yoga weightlifting, water sports, hiking, and hardcore sex as much as possible. I maintain an expansive wardrobe and am always immaculately dressed whether I am going to the gym or a black tie affair. I love to stimulate my mind and as such am a connoisseur of multiple pastimes that include water sports, exotic car racing, camping, hiking, fishing, shopping, modeling, artistic expression and writing. At the top of my list is traveling with an exhilarating partner, dining and frequenting art galleries. Attending spa retreats, educational seminars, studying holistic medicine and exploring new talents rejuvenate my soul. I have a hunger to taste new experiences such as visiting more rainfalls and taking scuba diving lessons. Perhaps we may adventure the world together! When it come down to culture, I was raised a a California girl. Though I found my ancestors must have also have been very hot and horny like myself. A trace showed Russian, Norwegian, Scottish, and Irish descent. Damn, that's a lot of fucking in other countries! Go family!
  • Birthday: 0000-00-00

  • Hometown: Hunting Beach, Cali

  • Languages: English

  • Measurements: 33Hx23x33

  • Weight: 120 lbs

  • Height: 5'5"

  • Hair: Blonde

  • Eyes: Green

  • Tattoo: Yes

  • Piercing: Yes

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