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I am often asked how honest are you with your sexual partners outside of the adult film industry?  To which I reply. Very Honest. I am upfront about my occupation and if I plan on being in a sexual situation with that person I am very honest and upfront about my sexual past.

When I say that there's usually a collective gasp or weird face, followed by more questions one of the top questions being HOW?

This blog post is dedicated to those who want to play safe and with a certain sexual honesty that allows you to get closer with your new partner or a partner you are choosing to have unprotected sex with. I hope this helps.

  • GET TESTED : I know it sounds cliche' but your partner will appreciate you taking the initiative and will follow your lead. It is also a good idea to get tested because some STD"S can lie dormant in your bloodstream (i.e. tricimonis, clamydea.)

  • When to get tested: A person should be tested if they have had unprotected sex or oral sex with one or more partners within a three month period. Then every three to six months after.

  • Birthday: 1986-01-07

  • Hometown: Online Porno collection, USA

  • Heritage: African American, Native American

  • Languages: English, French

  • Measurements: 34DD-24-36

  • Weight: 155 lbs

  • Height: 5'7"

  • Hair: Long Black

  • Eyes: Brown

  • Tattoo: Back and inside of ankle

  • Piercing: Ears

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