KaitlinK- FurPassion

KaitlinK- FurPassion

Passionate about Furs... FurPassion

I’m like a cross between a sensuous Fur Fetish Goddess, and your nerdy IT coworker…. You can’t get enough of me!

I have over 35 luxurious fur coats, and can't collect enough. I like to lay in them, wear them, show them off, pleasure myself with them... and use them in all kinds of ways.


Occasionally, I even like to destroy old furs, and you will find some very RARE and exclusive fur coat ripping, burning, and destruction videos.

This site is about my passion for furs. 


If you are NOT in to furs, please join my general fetish and erotic site, KaitlinK.com

KaitlinK FurPassion sexy legs

I am a lifestyle fur fetishist and sensualist. I love things (like fur) that feel soft, and things that bring me pleasure. Besides collecting fur, wearing fur coats, rolling around in fur, and generally enjoying fur… my favorite things include being worshipped, feeling pleasure, and experiencing beauty.

I enjoy exploring all aspects of the fur fetish, from being the goddess of the hunt, teasing as a Femme Fatale in furs, pretending to be your spoiled Mistress, and more… as long as it involves me wearing fur! I make fur fetish clips and share them because I like being put on a pedestal, getting attention from men, and having that secret sensually expressive side. I can always use more furs! When I was about 22, I argued with a guy about whether Amsterdam was in Germany or Holland, and whether Holland was a separate country than The Netherlands. I was so unbelievably bad at geography that we ended up talking about something we both knew, which was probably how sexy I found his Dutch accent… and then my fantasy of having sex on a fur coat … he sent me my first rabbit fur coat (postmarked from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which was not Germany). I am not sure exactly what it is about furs that turns me on most: their association with wealth, power, dangerous, taboo, femme fatale, seduction… as a sensual focus so that you can really get into your body without thinking, a sexier way of meditation perhaps. I feel the same way about lingerie, stockings, garters, high heels and the occasional cigar… but there’s something so special about a fur coat – furs are warm and can be worn out in public, more expensive, and much more taboo. Just everything!
  • Birthday: 1980-12-21

  • Hometown: Your dreams, USA

  • Heritage: Feisty Irish

  • Languages: English and Piano Sheet Music

  • Orientation: Mostly straight

  • Measurements: Size 5 and Perfect

  • Weight: 128lbs

  • Height: 5'8

  • Hair: Naturally luxurious blonde

  • Eyes: Sparkly blue

  • Tattoo: None

  • Piercing: None

KaitlinK- FurPassion smoking
KaitlinK FurPassion smiling