I’m Kathy, a sweet and full of joy read head which you will always find with a big and honest smile on her face. I’m a really honest person; I’ve got nothing to hide because in time I got to the conclusion that is better this way. I consider myself a person with a really big heart and in it there is a lot of room for all my friends who need me, or for those whom I don’t know me yet but who need a sunshine in their life, next to infinite love.

There are some physical feature which define me, like my red hair, my colored nails (always – I’m a little depressed if they aren’t perfect) and my fashionable clothes (especially shoes).  And, also, you will always find me with my phone in my hands.

I love long walks in the park on my bike, with my friends and when the weather doesn’t aloud it I like to go skating. If I had to choose any place in this world that I would love to visit, a place that I’m always dreaming about that is Machu Picchu. That place looks like magic to me, and I love it especially because it’s so unique and makes you feel like you’re in heaven.


I think that what is really special about me is that I actually care about everyone around me. I’m not faking it, I couldn’t do that. When I’m asking you “How have you been?” I really want to know it all, and help you as much as I can. I love to be spoiled and I love mature men who have the patience to really know me.

There is a lot more that you should know about me, but if you want to know more you should try and find out.

What do you think is hiding under this sweet little angel face? Am I a good or bad girl? Come inside and find out!

  • Birthday: 1985-02-16

  • Languages: English, Romanian

  • Orientation: Straight

  • Measurements: Athletic

  • Weight: 58 kilos

  • Height: 164 cm

  • Hair: Red head

  • Eyes: blue