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I love my kink. I love my ink and I love playing and exploring filthy perverse minds. I am very sexual being. Pansexual. Open. Full of lust. With an endless imagination. I don't just play BDSM I live it as well. I'm heavily fetish/taboo based with a side of sadistically sweetness . I want your filth. Your dirty little secrets. I will crawl inside you and pull out all that you desire and you will thank Me for it. You will suffer for My pleasure and be rewarded quite nicely for it. I'm just a dirty little thing..dressing up.. teasing.. very much enjoy all kinds of filthy role playing. I love the taboo. Pushing the lines. And getting off on it.  I have a wide variety of toys, a closet full of wigs, clothes, stockings, shoes, outfits. Gas masks. You name it, I probably have it. I love camming. It's entertainment and I take the fact that you wonderful people chose to spend your hard earned money on Me to heart. I'm gonna give you the best I got. Every. Damn. Time. Guaranteed

Synn xoxo.
  • Birthday: 0000-00-00

  • Hometown: Toronto

  • Heritage: Canadian

  • Languages: English and very poor French

  • Orientation: Queer

  • Measurements: 34' 28' 36'

  • Weight: You know. I only ever weight myself when Im at the doctors. I've never owned a scale. I don't really see the need. Plus I have an aversion to numbers.

  • Height: 5.7'

  • Hair: Short. Red

  • Eyes: Hazel

  • Tattoo: Yep...just one or two :p

  • Piercing: Yes


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