Lyzette Byanco

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Hola Papi's. It's about time you've been treated like the king of the castle you are. It's what you've always wanted and what you deserve. Full attention! Full Release of expression.

Full access to me and all my naughty adventures. I'm going to give it all to you and I hope you don't mind because I can be a little rough from time to time.

Loving what I do and being the type of woman I am, (A Sexy Latina MILF, who's very Independent with an appreciation for the same sex, often makes for very fun and exhilarating photo and video shoots. But I guess you're just going to have to come on inside to see. So cum inside, I dare you!

Lyzette Byanco naked

Hola Papi, my name is Lyzette Byanco. Thank you so much for visiting my new site. I had a web site a while ago and while I do not want to say anything negative about past experiences, it totally sucked ass!

Meaning I was under so much rules and guidelines to what I could and could not do it just wasn't the "opportunity of a lifetime".Now that I am older and much more wiser, I am so happy to be shooting with a long time friend and professional team, B.L.O.W. Media Exclusive.

I finally have a chance to get as wild and crazy as I’ve always wanted to. So if you have questions about certain things, maybe that answers them, if not, just email me and maybe I'll tell you more, maybe not. We'll see.Now a little about me:I was born in Nebraska of all places and if not for my Mother's dark complexion I would be much lighter than I am now "babosa".

Fortunately for me, I love the sun so I am always in it. Lying around, tanning, swimming at the lake. Lots of fun. My favorite color is purple and my favorite food is... you guessed it. Mexican food. I'm not just a sweet softy, I also like to practice Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing. I drive a big'ol Four wheel drive. It's pretty fun but matches my personality.

That's it for now, Ven y Ver me Papi!

  • Birthday: 1994-01-01

  • Hometown: Nebraska

  • Heritage: Mexican

  • Languages: Spanish

  • Orientation: Bisexual

  • Measurements: Fit and Sexy as Shizzle!

  • Weight: 131 lbs

  • Height: 5'5"

  • Hair: Long and changing all the time. Usually dark though

  • Eyes: Green

  • Tattoo: Yes plenty!

  • Piercing: Yes, Plenty!!! 1 in my Nose,2 in my Ears 1 in each Nipple and 1 Surprise!

Lyzette Byanco naked
Lyzette Byanco