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Hi guys! My name is Amyka Lee, I'm 29 years old. I came from the Philippines, the Asia's Latin City. I am bilingual, I'm fluent in English as well. I built this site, run, write and make the content myself. I love it to be close to you as its very personal to me. I have moved and lived in the UK for 7 years now, although i keep going back sometimes in my home country. I love different cultures and my dream is to travel worldwide, i love learning new things. Different foods. Things i like are cooking, food, perfume, bags, traveling without planning abroad and i love beautiful places.

I'm an international model, actress, webcammer, femdom mistress, Fetish Model, escort and a travel companion. I have been published to several adult and fetish websites/ films around the world. Recently, i was also an extra for the "Game of Throne"  season 4, i played as a prostitute in the brothel house.  I have been in many magazines/websites in other countries such as Maxim, PlayboyTV, Bluebirds, Babeshow TV presenting Sexstation, Babestation, Chat girl, Bluebirds Films, Naughty Neighbors, People's Mag-Australia, Slitz- Swedish-Phil, Escort Mag, Fiesta Mag, Razzle UK and a lot more. The rest are just a history.

I built this site myself for you guys! so  that i will have my own place in where i can post my explicit naughty sides and be with myself, i can show you the photos and videos that I'm doing at home, and i hope you guys will enjoy it as much as i do. My photos/ videos are not photoshop or edited, its all naturally captured by HD cam because i do not want to misled you guys of the content I'm enjoying making. So if your looking with a naturally filthy, naughty and juicy Asian. This is the best place for you!

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"Pinay" a woman of Filipino origin or descent; a Filipina. She was born in the Philippines. She has a golden brown skin, petite, busty and a naughty dirty talker nymph maniac. Loves to dress up for sex role play! Before anything else, for those of you who do not know me yet! during my childhood life i grew up very active in my academic. I have always been chosen to participate on stage like drama, singing, dancing, battle of the brains contest. I had a very happy life with my loving supportive family yet a very strict and religious parents. I grew up with a huge respect to them, my family is not that perfect there are plenty ups and down. I have a hard working parents so they decided to enrolled me to a religious boarding high school in which the girls and boys are well separated exclusively. But i often wonder how it feels to have a bf, its often something missing in my life. There was one time when i was at home,(we live in a small town in Leyte) i was wondering why my big brother was hiding all his VHS tapes, and if they are watching they don't allow me to watch with his friends. It was then when he went out, i sneaked in his room and took all his tapes and thought i can watch it with me and my grandma so i turned the volume up, it was the first porn iv ever watched and my grandma's first ever porn that she watched too! i still remember that i was 10 years old that time. My grandma who often lives all her life in the outskirt of the town we called it in Philippines (barrio) a very small villages that has rice fields without electricity, no tv, no telephone, a very boring place. They lived there all their lives with granddad. So can you imagine how the life would be before without having a sex fun life? I would really never thought to be professional model either, i remember i was just an ordinary girl who just loves to see more photos of me and showing it to others! When i was 17, i live in a common boarding house in where they also accepts couple to live there, but all students must have their own rooms. My Australian board mate Robert married a Filipino woman, and i can hear them fucking each other so loud, it was the time when i first played with myself. So sometimes i just wanna go back to my boarding house straight away right after my college just to listen again and again on how they fuck each other. After few months they broke up and we became good friends with Robert, he doesn't know how to cook and he was really struggling living by himself, so sometimes I cook for him and almost everyday his inviting me to his room and have a chat and watch movie, his got lots of photos with the girls he met before. And he asked me if i wanna be photographed like them wearing underwear! so he took lots of photos of me wearing my lingerie and that was i thought i really enjoyed being in front of the camera. When i finished my college i went to Manila, and have approached with a lots of photographers and have done lots of modeling fashion, glamour only. After few years i moved to UK and still doing the same levels but then when i went to high street it was the first time iv seen a dildo in Ann Summers, iv been approached with photographers to do some nude, so i did. Since because you do different poses in modeling, i didn't realize that i already open my legs and my bits my pussy have been shown already. I still didn't realized iv done an adult style, then i tried with toys and still not convinced that im already a porn star. I enjoyed being in front of the camera and videos and i just did not realized how far iv gone through.. i have traveled in most beautiful places in Europe because of it, and i never looked back. I love meeting people all over the world and i wanna learn different cultures.

  • Birthday: 1985-02-25

  • Hometown: Leyte and Mindanao

  • Heritage: Filipino

  • Languages: English, Tagalog, Spanish basic

  • Orientation: Bisexual

  • Measurements: 34F-26-39

  • Weight: 55 kg

  • Height: 5"0 ft

  • Hair: Very long hair black

  • Eyes: Dark brown

  • Tattoo: None, but planning to have one

  • Piercing: Both ears

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