Pouty Pout

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I am a Professional Model, Cam Model, Burlesque Dancer and  Cosplay bad ass. I am also an artist, a reader, a poet, and a dreamer ;) I am excited to meet new people and try new things. I love to read, watch films, anime, burn through comics and play video games.

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I am constantly moving around having adventures and living my life to the fullest! I don't hesitate to say exactly what I feel and to just be myself no matter what other people think about it. I am one of a kind and will make you want to stay and become friends with a smile and a giggle <3

  • Birthday: 1984-04-04

  • Heritage: Irish, German and Seneca

  • Languages: English

  • Orientation: Bisexual

  • Measurements: PAWG and proud of it! I am very short and just a little curvy. I love my body for its natural shape. I have small perky breasts and an ass that won't quit :)

  • Weight: 120 lbs

  • Height: 5'2"

  • Hair: Ever changing

  • Eyes: Dark and mysterious

  • Tattoo: I currently have 9 and will probably get more soon

  • Piercing: Among my modifications I have a pierced septum, nostril, navel, both nipples and various ear piercings

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