Raine Lye

Raine lye

Hello everyone and thank you so much for taking the time to visit me. Yep, get to see me grow as I shoot the hottest glamour photo sets and the most provocative videos in my entire modeling career.

Plus you'll get behind the scenes videos, sneak peaks at everything I'm doing, blogs, special access to my exclusive merchandise, posters, all that and more. It's going to be so much fun getting to know you. It's time to get ahead of the game with stunning works of sexy digital art. It's easy when you have an asset. an Asian Asset that is.

See you inside soon. Make It Raine baby!

Raine lye

I was born in August, which makes me a Virgo.  I have very dark brown eyes almost black.  I am a curvy girl, my measurements are 36DD, 26 inch waist, and my butt is 39 inches.  I don’t change much in my everyday life, so the one thing I love to change is my hair.  My hair is naturally dark.  I always like to try new things and make it different every time.  I will try not to do anything too drastic.

What I do: When I am on set the only thing I tell myself is, “keep it sexy.”

Nationality: Asian- Vietnamese, Chinese, Laotian.

Turn-Ons: Confidence is the number one thing, being humble, selflessness, and sexy smiles.

Turn-Offs: Cocky and coming on too strong, ignorance, and thinking you are above anyone else, and people who give up too easily.

5 Places I'd Like To Visit: I would love to go to Hawaii, The Caribbean, Japan, Australia, and pretty much anywhere else.

Secret of Success: Striving to be something better than yourself.  If you work hard and stay dedicated, eventually things will go your way.

How To Win My Heart:   Just be yourself. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

  • Birthday: 0000-00-00

  • Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

  • Heritage: Asian

  • Languages: English

  • Orientation: Mostly Straight

  • Measurements: 36DDx26x39

  • Weight: 140 lbs

  • Height: 5'5

  • Hair: Brunette, long with highlights

  • Eyes: Dark Brown

  • Tattoo: Yes on my foot

  • Piercing: Both ears, 1 inner cartilage

Raine lye
rainelye in furs