Welcome to my New adventure

  Was tired of being told what I can do & can't do with my own site.  Tired of only being able to update once a month with a limited type of content.

    Want ya'll to enjoy my fetish stuff along with the so-called normal stuff I do in porn. Needed more creative freedom in my job. :)

     Love ya'll much.




Just a bbw/bigboob porn star trying to earn a living. :)  I want to bring the fans the best of me in a platform that gives me the creative outlet I've always wanted.

  • Birthday: 1969-03-27

  • Heritage: German/Danish

  • Languages: English

  • Orientation: Is fun an Orientation?

  • Measurements: More curves than you can shake a dick at

  • Weight: 201

  • Height: 5 feet, 5 inches,

  • Hair: Short & blonde, but who knows what wig I might wear to have fun with my photos, videos & camming endeavors

  • Eyes: Green

  • Tattoo: Fear of needles, NONE


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  1. evilnathan August 17, 2015