Victoria Moune and Candela Moune

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Beautiful and charming Victoria Moune have united with her girlfriend Candy in order to manage co-joined hot lesbian web site.

We are Vicky and Candy and this is the only website where you will find all our hottest and most exclusive content.

We update our site several times a week, with new photos, videos, live shows and blog entries. We also do custom work for our fans!

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Our names are Victoria and Candela, or Vicky and Candy if you prefer. We are your Argentinian dream girls, we are a couple in real life, we are deeply in love with each other and we decided to share our private sexy life with the world, specially with you :-) We love shooting SOFTCORE / LESBIAN / HARDCORE photosets and videos, we really have fun doing it... ...and it makes us horny too... no kidding! Our dream is to become two famous Webcam girls and erotic models, and we put a lot of effort every day to achieve that dream. We spend lots of hours between study and work to produce content for our website, and members get UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to all of it. So CUM INSIDE and JOIN US!
  • Birthday: 1989-03-01

  • Hometown: We are from Argentina

  • Heritage: Candy comes from a Spanish family and Vicky comes from a Spanish-Italian family

  • Languages: We both speak Spanish and English

  • Orientation: We are bisexual with a HUGE CRUSH on boys

  • Measurements: Candy is very slim and petite with a very nice figure, and Vicky is very fit and athletic, with a killer body

  • Weight: We're both around 50 kilos

  • Height: We're both around 160 centimeters

  • Hair: We both have very long, brown hair. Candy's is darker and straight, and Vicky's is kind of curly

  • Eyes: We both have big brown eyes

  • Tattoo: No, we don't have any tattoos

  • Piercing: Yes, we both have our belly buttons pierced

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