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Welcome to my official HUB! This is the place for all of my fans and my wannabe's. Here you will find all of my latest videos and pictures, Have access to what sites I broadcast on and book private live shows with me! You will also be able to subscribe to my monthly Blog and get updated on what games Iam playing, how my favorite sports teams are doing, what comics iam reading and the sexy adventures of me as a camgirl. So Join my Hub now and get up close and personal with me.

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I'm that hot chubby gamer chick! They call me Vix, I'm 35 and into gaming, comics, football, hockey and beer! I have been a camgirl for just a few months and I fuckin love it!!!! I have a super outgoing personality and love to talk and interact with people. I reside in Las Vegas and have been her for about 15 years, but was born and raised in California. Not only am I a camgirl by night but I also have an awesome day job doing hair and and make up all over town. I'm into mostly RPG's, action/adventure, and puzzle games. I love Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image comics...Stan Lee is my idol!!! I dabble in the comic art world and am in the works of making an awesome monthly comic strip featuring me Vixen Gamer in a ton of sexy adventures. Which will be featured in my monthly blog so stay tuned for that! Join my HUB and get up close and personal with me! Can't wait to hear from you guys.

  • Birthday: 1980-02-07

  • Hometown: Las vegas

  • Heritage: I'am half black and half white

  • Languages: English

  • Orientation: Straight

  • Measurements: Im nice and chubby weighing in at 185, which makes me super soft

  • Height: 5'3"

  • Hair: Long and colorful

  • Eyes: I have two different colored eyes. One brown and one half brown and half green

  • Tattoo: I have 4 tattoos. A lightsaber on my finger, Autobots and Decepticon logos on my forearms and a flower on my back. Will soon be getting the start of my Transformers sleeves!!

  • Piercing: Lots of piercings....2 in the nose, 2 dermals in my chest, belly button, industral bar on my left ear and 00 gages on both ears

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