Hey Folks. If this is your first visit to our site, then you probably wondering “What this is all about?”. This is not another cam site or a Free Tube Porn Site.

Callie Brie - beautiful and creative models at ModelsFan

As many of you I have been watching porn for years (yeah, let’s not hide or be embarrassed by this fact, as it is global truth) and of course eventually I got tired of all the same content, all the same porn scenes with the same models that you have already seen dozens of times on all the free porn tube sites. I’ve got tired from five to six minutes clips. It’s time to change that. If you really like the model (or have your favorite one) – I’m sure you would want to be a part of her life. I am certain that you not only willing to see her glam DP and solo scenes, but also her day-to-day selfies, life routine, ask about her dogs that she loves so much and let her be there for you when you feeling down. This is what this this about.

Of course sometimes it’s cool to go on the cam site and private message her.. then again and again.. until you out of token – then you are “some stranger” again. But how about having ability to private message her when you would like to? Without worrying that it cost anything or that you can run out of credits/coins etc. Just ask her “How are you?” or share your day. Claudia Cavalli - Beautiful selfie by sexy model at ModelsFanComfort her when she feels down and let her comfort you back when you do. Of course everything cost something. As for models it cost to keep up the site, hosting, content delivery and processing, time invested in the site, me running this site and promoting them, investing my own funds – sure. I would not ever promise you everything free – as it would be a fake or just a scam. Each model got her own daily/weekly/monthly subscription fee. That fee can differ as it is totally up to her. But I don’t think that most of us can’t measure love or friendship in $ equivalent, therefore I am not listing any prices and while visiting model’s site – you can see them yourself. Some of the models I have met (and will meet) in person, some not. Most of them I have talked too and I will try to update site with their latest news and events, perhaps some quotes and hopefully in the nearest future they will be sending over videos saying hi to you – to ModelsFan regular and new visitors. If you are a model – you can always visit “Want to be promoted?” page and join the site. I am always glad to meet new people. So anyway, I hope you will enjoy the site. Feel free to provide any feedback or to comment on your favorite models. So don’t forget to check the Models section to find your perfect match.