You are model and you would like to be promoted on our site? – Sure!

There are only few simple rules that you need to follow:

  1. You need to have fan site based on ModelCentro platform
  2. You need to enable affiliate program in your ModelCentro CMS
  3. You need to either update your content or to perform at least once a week


You can apply to be promoted or removed from the site by emailing us to email


As many of you know we got few levels of promotion, different levels are providing different amount of traffic(fans) to your site. Here is the list:
Level 1: regular profile page on MF
Level 2: profile + photoset(s)
Level 3: profile + content (photosets, videos)
Level 4: personalized video recorded specifically for ModelsFan visitors (now you should NOT say your domain in the video, as it defeats the whole purpose of affiliate promotion, but you should/could say something like “Hi ModelsFan guys, I love you, come visit my site” – as we will be adding banners/links to every piece of content of course.
Applying for promotion – What we need from you ideally?
– Pictures of your choice to be used in profile (otherwise we will take them from your site no probs)
– Send or specify photoset(s) and video(s) that can be used for promotion (note: we usually only using part of the photoset and not the whole one. We can also cut videos to be shorter if you like)
– Describe your site or yourself (anything like like 150-200 words would do) so we can add a quote form you
– Record personalized videos for testimonials section
– Place link or a banner to ModelsFan on your site (it’s usual request for any promotion/review site). You can either add the link anywhere yourself (welcome text, about me text, footer etc) or ask your Dedicated MC manager to place banner for you. We don’t really mind where and on which page you will place link/banner.
Attaching some banners here:






We are constantly working to improve people experience, as we want them to be with you for years. As your loyal friend/partner/fan.

This is the age of exclusive content and we wouldn’t want our guys to go on and browse more of the sites with all the same content. We would want them to be a part of your life, and you would have to be a part of their life. To form a strong bond between you, as you are helping each other in good and in bad times. You support each other, and for each of you – you are the person to talk to, when everything is complicated.